Raise Your Voice

Did you know?

  • The public and private sectors should work together to elevate people out of poverty.  Advocacy is a way to engage both sectors.

  • Nearly half the food we distributed to fill empty cupboards of people in need is from state and federally funded programs. The other half is from the private sector – a perfect example of collaboration between the public and private sectors.

  • There has been a shift in thought that anyone who is still struggling as the economy recovers, is struggling because they aren’t working hard enough.  No longer is it true that if you just work hard enough you will make it.

  • We are at a critical point in continuing many of the anti-poverty and anti-hunger programs we fought so hard for over the last 50 years to address the needs of people who struggle every day to make ends meet.​

We must protect these programs

by giving voice and make this personal by changing the assumption that people choose to be hungry.

Your voice is important.
You have more power than you realize.
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