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Butler County Commissioner Request

The American Rescue Plan Act provided money to both state and local government to help offset the negative economic impact of Covid19. Shared Harvest Foodbank presented a proposal asking for funding in wake of the increased need we were seeing in our network. Most of the funding we requested, if granted, would go to our partner agencies to help with receiving, storing, and distributing more nutritious fresh and shelf stable foods to families finding themselves in pantry lines. Not only will this allow them to meet an increased need but also will allow them to provide more food to families, as many were already struggling to put food on the table, even before the pandemic.

If you are a Butler County resident. Please reach out to Judi Boyko, County Administrator and express your support of Shared Harvest Foodbank, being granted the funding request.

Judi Boyko County Administrator

Sample Language:

My name is (insert name) and I live in (insert city, state). I am (calling/emailing) asking that the Butler County Commissioners grant Shared Harvest Foodbank's proposal for the funding of $500,000 to support both their mission as well as the ??? plus partner agencies. In 2021, Shared Harvest Foodbank and their network distributed over 4.5 million pounds to more than 60,000 households in Butler County. Granting them the funding will allow their partners to continue to receive, store, and distribute nutritious fresh and shelf stable food to families affected by the pandemic as well as continue to serve families who were already struggling to put food on the table before the economic crisis caused by this global pandemic.

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