How To Run A Food Drive

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5 Easy Steps to Running a Successful Food Drive
  • Decide where you will conduct the food drive: work, church or school.

  • Decide the dates of your food drive: Most are successful for a one or two week period, with plenty of notification beforehand.

  • Plan the notification to your potential contributors of the food drive: Develop a committee or a small group of volunteers to help hand out flyers, hang posters or write articles for your company, church or school newsletter announcing the drive and the dates for collection.

  • Have the executive officers, department heads, ministers or priests, principal or student councils or clubs endorse the food drive either in meetings, announcements or by signing the article for the newsletter.

  • Incentives: Set up friendly competition between departments or classes, the one with the most food gets an award certificate or small prize.



To Our Food Donors

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