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Thanks for expressing an interest in joining Shared Harvest Foodbank and helping us battle hunger in our communities.

First, A Word About Us

Shared Harvest began in 1983, collecting wholesome surplus food and other grocery style products, donated by the food industry; and distributing these donations to charities which provide either hot meals or bags of groceries to people in need. The food is donated because something has occurred which renders it unsalable. Maybe it’s close to its expiration date, or there’s a labeling or production error; it’s been damaged or it’s a new product that just didn’t sell well. For whatever reasons, the product is wholesome but is unsuitable for sale in grocery stores.  Generally, when mistakes occur, they are BIG mistakes, by the tractor-trailer load, which is why the foodbank exists.  We are a warehousing, distribution, and food salvage center.


Shared Harvest Foodbank: 

1) Is affiliated with Feeding America, The Nation’s Food Bank Network headquartered in Chicago.  This affiliation allows us access to food donations from across the continental United States.  


2) Contracts with the Ohio Department of Job & Family Services to receive, warehouse, distribute and administer 33% of Ohio’s share of USDA commodities through the Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP).  


3) Operates a Foodbank Market program, purchasing items, at the best possible prices, that are not normally contributed in sufficient quantity to meet the needs.  


4) Participates in the Ohio Food Purchase Program providing non-perishable foods to emergency food providers.  


5) Participates in the Ohio Agriculture Clearance Program providing Ohio grown fresh fruits and vegetables.  


6) Provides weekend bags of food for children living in severe food insecure homes. 


7) Provides monthly boxes with 35 lbs. of healthy food to low income seniors. 


8) Provides a Door to Door Delivery Program to member agencies so requesting this service.  

Depending on the type of organization and where your organization is located, you may be able to access all eight programs Shared Harvest operates or you can choose any combination.  

See Frequently Asked Questions to help you determine the foodbank programs for which your organization may be eligible.


  • Application for membership – return complete application

  • Member Agency Agreement – return signed agreement

  • Current BackPack MOU

  • Current CSFP MOU 

  • USDA Contract & related materials

        USDA Contracting period September – December only

Forms to use for reference and to keep:

  • Definitions of membership         

  • Policies & Guidelines for Membership  

  • Frequently Asked Question

  • Storage Guidelines  

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