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Executive Director


Position Summary:    The Executive Director is responsible for the overall administration, management and leadership of Shared Harvest Foodbank (SHF) and its mission, goals, and objectives as established by the Board of Trustees.  This includes fiscal accountability; personnel management, resource development (food and funds); operations management, public relations, and compliance with applicable laws, regulations, funding requirements, policies and procedures.  This position reports to the Board of Trustees of SHF



  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred or equivalent combination of education and experience that would provide necessary knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Excellent writing, communication, management and leadership skills required
  • Organizational financial management experience
  • Successful development/fundraising background
  • Non-Profit marketing/PR background a plus
  • Ability to use Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and Outlook
  • Positive attitude, strong work ethic and compassion for those in need.






Compensation package includes salary commensurate with qualifications and experience and an excellent benefit program.  Application will be reviewed in January 2019, phone interviews first two weeks of February, face to face interviews last two weeks of February, hiring decision March, projected hire date April 1, 2019.


To apply, please submit a letter expressing interest in the position that addresses and demonstrates how you meet the qualifications and a resume to:





Selection Committee

Shared Harvest Foodbank

5901 Dixie Highway

Fairfield, OH 45014


Shared Harvest Foodbank is an equal opportunity employer.






Job Description






STATUS: Full-time, salaried (exempt)


JOB FUNCTION: Provides resources for policy and program discussions and decisions by the Board of Trustees and implements any such decisions.  Manages the finances of the corporation, the internal systems, fund raising, food solicitation and judicious distribution of resources.  Insures compliance with all applicable laws and Feeding America requirements.  Represents the Foodbank and its mission to the community, members, donors, other foodbanks and Feeding America.





  • Prepares and submits goals and objectives for short-term and long-term planning and action plans
  • Clearly communicates priorities, both in program and community needs
  • Prepares information for Board meetings
  • Utilizes the individual talents of Board members effectively
  • Acts as staff resource person for all standing Board Committees
  • Implements all programs and policy decisions by the Board
  • Assists with Board member recruitment



  • Clearly communicates the mission, direction and priorities of the Foodbank
  • Works closely with staff in problem solving and crisis/stress management
  • Works with Communications Specialist to plan for special events and develop new donors
  • Delegates responsibilities where necessary, explaining expectations, goals and duties for all staff
  • Provides training and motivation as necessary
  • Builds and runs a strong organization, with good leadership and effective team building
  • Identifies deficiency in staffing patterns, shifts personnel as necessary
  • Hires and supervises Leadership Team including Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Community Relations Director and other Director level positions as may be established



  • Reviews annual operating and capital budgets prepared by the CFO for presentation to the Financial Committee and the Board with historical perspective and future planning
  • Provides sound financial control, planning and execution, operating within budgetary constraints
  • Effectively causes funds to be generated as necessary for operation of the Foodbank
  • Reviews all financial reports prepared by the CFO and cooperates with all requests for information from all funding sources, donors and other interesting parties
  • Provides thoughtful, efficient, creative and effective use of all financial resources



  • Acts as a leader in the community in addressing the needs of the impoverished population
  • Provides innovative, clear and concise presentation of the Foodbank’s mission and programs
  • Manages all media information
  • Attends all necessary meetings, maintains membership in all necessary associations and serves on necessary community boards, as time allows
  • Works closely with all funding sources and serves on committees appropriate to furtherance of the Foodbank’s mission



  • Maintains positive and constructive relations with Partner Agencies, Feeding America, ODJFS/TEFAP/CSFP, The Ohio Association of Foodbanks (OAF), other foodbanks and related local, state, federal and national organizations whose missions are similar to the Foodbank’s mission
  • Ensures compliance with all applicable policies and procedures of Feeding America, ODJFS, USDA, OAF and all other local, state and federal regulations.



  • Effectively causes funds to be generated as necessary for operation of the Foodbank
  • Strengthens the Foodbank’s community and market visibility, direct mail programs, and identifies new sources of revenues
  • Supports planning, implementing and directing all aspects of fundraising activities



  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred - may possess equivalent combination of education and experience that would provide necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to perform the functions of the position
  • Solid organizational, personnel and managerial skills, including at least 10 years’ experience in managing a non-profit organization
  • Experience developing and overseeing an annual budget of $2 million +
  • Successful experience in fundraising from a variety of funding sources
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Computer competence in word processing, spreadsheets, and database processes, including foodbank-specific computer applications
  • Thorough knowledge of practices, policies and procedures of food panty/industry regulations
  •  Valid driver’s license



Integrity: widely trusted, keeps confidences, direct and truthful individual, admits mistakes, doesn’t misrepresent him/herself for personal gain, practices what s/he preaches

Compassion: genuinely cares for other people, is available and ready to help, has empathy for those in need, demonstrates true concern for others

Social Justice: strives in all aspects of work to advance equity of opportunity and treatment, recognizes legacies and systems of societal oppression and actively combats their root causes and effects, focuses on serving those most impacted and marginalized

External Communication: makes the organization’s mission shareable and relatable to everyone, can inspire and motivate individuals, groups, organizations, tells stories that convey core mission and purpose in an engaging, enlightening, humanizing manner

Approachable: easy to approach and talk to, puts others at ease, gracious and pleasant, builds rapport well, good listener

Interpersonal: relates well to all kinds of people inside and outside the organization, builds appropriate rapport, builds constructive and effective relationships, can defuse tense situations comfortably, is appropriately funny and can use humor to ease tension

Thought Leader: will stand up and be counted on when times are tough, willing to be the only champion for an idea, makes good decisions based on a mixture of analysis, wisdom, experience, and judgment, sought out by others for advice

Humility: can get things done quietly, quickly admits flaws and mistakes, is careful to make others comfortable, is authentic, helps others save face in difficult situations, maximizes the contribution of all, respects the views of others and encourages them to express themselves

Action-oriented: energetic, enjoys working hard, not fearful of acting with a minimum of planning, seizes more opportunities, uses time effectively and efficiently, concentrates efforts on the more important priorities, gets more done in less time than others, can attend to a broader range of activities, creates focus

Cross-cultural agility: knows how to work in the local culture, understands the need for flexibility, engages in dialogue about how to get things done, willing and able to make adjustments along the way, advocates for locally developed initiatives and solutions

Commitment to Diversity: manages and interacts with all kinds of people equitably and effectively, hires diverse staff, supports equal and fair treatment and opportunity for all, works to build a diverse Board of Trustees

Team Building: creates strong morale, shares wins and successes, fosters open dialogue, lets people finish and be responsible for their work, creates a feeling of belonging, defines success in terms of the whole team, clearly assigns responsibility for tasks and decisions, sets clear objectives and measures, monitors process, progress, and results, designs feedback loops into work

Internal Communication: provides the information people need to do their jobs and feel good about being a member of the team, practices attentive and active listening, has the patience to hear people out, can accurately restate the opinions and ideas of others

Planning: accurately scopes out projects and timelines, knows how to organize people and activities effectively to get the work done, understands how to separate and combine tasks for efficient work flow, knows what and how to measure, can find opportunities for integration and synergy, can simplify complex processes, gets more out of fewer resources

Conflict management: steps up to conflicts, reads situations quickly, good at focused listening, can find common ground, forge agreements, and settle disputes equitably, gets cooperation with minimum noise







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